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Aion 1.9 Patch Release?

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Hi I'm Babykitten and I think it is best for the survival and revival of Aion again to release (Patch 1.9 Aion Classic) and here is why;

in Aion Classic Patch 1.9 we get Fort Instances, New Dredge and Arena of Discipline/Chaos. Now there arent many players but I assure you if 1.9 is released, that will send a beautiful message to all Current and the ones that took a break from Aion or quit that NCsoft finally understands and is willing to finally listen to the community and it WILL bring people back.  The people that continue to play Aion currently love the game due to them not desiring the game to die and continued payment of Siels Aura. However it is dropping at a rate to which Patch 1.7 wont bring anyone back at all and there wont be anyone to return by the time 1.9 patch releases.  The reasoning for my topic is due to patches being released if the server as a whole gears up. Aion Classic 1.9  will bring a sense of desire back to the community because after Aion Classic 1.9 is the patch everyone in AION NA DESIRES, which is to be ready gear wise by Aion Classic 2.0 lvl 55.  The best way to do that is by releasing the maximum amount of variety of ways to gear up as a server that is not and will never be any KR server.  The reason I say release Aion Classic 1.9 and NOT Aion Classic 2.0  is because the 1.9 Patch will being the highest potential gain of the best gear available in Aion currently which is 50e gear. It will get everyone ready for level 55 Besh Temple and other lvl 55 fun stuff when 2.0 is released. The more people gear up the more they desire to do PvPvE and the more PvPvE the more fun and longer retention people will have for Aion Classic as a whole.  So please @Kibbelz or @Loki or anyone that is part of the NCsoft Team, tell the company, management that you represent that NA AION CLASSIC wont ever be as fast as KR and to please stop treating NA Aion Classic as KR Aion Classic, it wont ever work. AND RELEASE AION CLASSIC PATCH 1.9

If there are any more points that anyone desires to chime in on please do so because I know there are many people that have an opinion. I made this topic to share my thoughts and ideas and to just possibly bring some hope back to Aion and hope it gets read by the GM's and gains Traction.  Thanks 

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1.7 patch is a super minor patch while 1.9 is everything and I absolutely agree with Babykitten. 1.7 will just bring us a boring pve instance to make easier the ap farming which is not a probelm at all right now. 1.7 fort instances wont give you medals the same way it wont also give you kinah yo buy them, you will only be stacking ap while you wont be able to buy anything unless you are a real kinah maker/whale. What we pvp players need is a pvp motivation. 1.9 will bring arenas (1v1 3v3 and ffa 8ppl I think?) And at the same time a whole brand new pvp instance never released on aion before, which is also pretty exciting. 1.7 won't change anything, literally nothing. At most there will be more xforms... if.

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I agree with BabyKitten, it would be best to at-least speed up the update timetable to keep player retention and prevent revenue from dropping,  1.7 is a minor update, that can be summarized in one statement-- "pass AP relics to me and I'll pay you." 1.9 provides more content to players and give them greater reason to log in outside of dredge hours(which is when we see more people actually log in to play).  the benefits to prepping L55 gear, and something to contest 50e for more casual players is a great incentive. plus  I just think arenas are fun

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19 hours ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

Getting 1.9 can not hurt the game, 1.7 can. When 1.7 comes out and people are in that grey instance and i remember so many people quitting because of the repetitive nature.


Yes it can, there is a new instance in 1.9 that needs to be internationalized. Bound to hold things back even longer and loose more players waiting for that to happen. Much better to get out 1.7 a.s.a.p


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On 12/31/2021 at 6:50 PM, Cnc said:

There is no content that can save this game anymore. It's gone already... sorry folks!


Honestly, 1.7/1.9 is not enough at this point. There are so many waiting to give classic another go with Igg/Gelk. Which unfortunately is very far away on our timeline of updates..

If there's anyone higher up that has any say on anything that goes on with NA Classic PLEASE read this thread closely.. do not just release 1.7. Bundle it up with 1.9 and fast track 2.0.


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