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Skill bars reset!!!


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Jeez, I didn't have a screenshot of my skill bars and I remade it pretty much 90% same but I am still missing slots and I can't remember what the heck I had there.

Why did my skill bar get EMPTY all of a sudden out of nowhere?

We need to have a "save skill bar" function like when we save the Character details.

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Don't want to create a new topic, but recently i've been experiencing skills related bug/bugs. Lets see if @Rinon this too 😁

1) while casting a charging skill, used skill freezes and charges up to full until it goes of without consumption of an action and cooldown. It can't be interrupted or canceled, appears on like 15% avg of charging skills.

edit: this problem is related ONLY to skills that you have to use 2 times, 1st charge stage, 2nd releasing the skill

2) DP skill, AT limit breaker, after activation goes straight on cooldown while it should stay active until all DP points are depleated.

Appears 50% of skill usage during fight.

If anyone is/was experiencing the similar/same issues and you can contribute, i will be happy for any kind of help. And i will also contact support via ticket, but most likely they will forward me here, so i have it all covered 😎

Goodd morninng and thank you!

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