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Please add limited DP reset scrolls to cash shop

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With the event going on while its great you can use coins to get reset scrolls we have limited clerics and key classes for DP groups and some clerics have to run in a few different groups and today with scales + reset scrolls jumping in price it's just not affordable for people to even run Dark Poeta. 

Is it possible to please consider adding even a few reset scrolls a week that can be purchased in the cash shop, and maybe a survey with scales to get the ball rolling on the event? D; 


Thank you <3 

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It blows my mind that they didn't capitalize on the opportunity to sell DP reset scrolls and time activation stones during an event revolving around the drop rates for that instance. @Kibbelzmaybe an idea to start up? We know yall can instantly make changes to the quna shop, that was proven with the "compensation package" which still didn't get disbursed to the entire population btw.

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