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In the Shadow of Elyos (fanfiction)


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Hello everyone!

I cannot rationalize why did I log into the game again, but since I'm here, I'll use the time allowed on the forums for some advertising...ūü§Ē

So, my fanfiction, In the Shadow of Elyos, is still a thing. I keep adding new chapters, albeit slowly. The story is a bit darker than The Godstone Tales, but not too dark, it still contains some glimpses of hope. So, go ahead, read, enjoy, comment...¬†ūüôÉ



The history will always repeat itself. The Cataclysm, a supposed peace conference, tore one nation apart and a great war begun, no part could see the victory, although they didn't want anything else. When the Reians appeared, the whispers about peace between the Asmodians and the Elyos appeared as well, but no one took them seriously. At least until that day.

Lord Azphel and lady Ariel agreed to private meeting with the Reian leader Kahrun, who proved to be not only capable ruler, but also very powerful daeva, who could stop the fights between the nations in his land. Tension and expectations awaited the result of this meeting which could end the war between former brothers and sisters and allow them to unite against common enemy.

But they were all betrayed.

Few hours after the meeting started, Rancora fortress ceased to exist. An explosion of a magnitude almost equal to the Tower of Eternity being broken shook the lands of Tiamaranta and Sarpan and enormous cloud of heat, dust and death rose above their border. The Empyrean lords Vanished. The Reian leader would meet the same fate if not for his exceptional power, but he was thrown into a coma for several months and no healer believed in his recovery.

In the state of chaos and blaming, another Empyrean lord appeared and chose his side. Lord Israphel followed by his own army of well trained warriors, mages and mostly technists, claimed he had proof it were the Asmodians, who destroyed the peace conference again and killed the leaders.

The war begun again, fiercer than ever before.

First, lady Triniel killed lord Nezekan and then disappeared.

Then lord Kaisinel defeated lady Lumiel in the Second Battle of Primum. The Lady of Wisdom couldn't bear the shame of defeat and died in a tremendous explosion taking half of the battlefield with her.

Lord Marchutan gave his life to drive away the Balaur, who used the opportunity and invaded Gelkmaros.

Everyone expected lord Zikel to either win the war for the Asmodians or fall in battle, but lord Israphel found a¬†way how to capture him alive and then beheaded him with his own sword on the most symbolic place of all¬†‚ÄϬ†under the monument at the Execution Ground of Deltras.

This was the end of the Elyos‚ÄĎAsmodian war.

Only at that time someone noticed lady Yusitel was gone. No one knew when she disappeared or what happened to her. Was she kidnapped by her sister? Was she killed during the war as an ordinary daeva? Was she hiding?

The Reians closed the borders for all, Elyos and Asmodians alike and their only concern was their leader's health and safety of their lands. After Kahrun regained consciousness and got to know all the facts, he allowed the Asmodian refugees to settle a shelter in the caves in Jotari Wastes. For everyone else, Sarpan was closed, even merchants were sent back on the borders.

The Asmodians, who didn't flee or weren't killed, were enslaved. The cities and fortresses in Asmodae and Reshanta either got new, Elyos, commanders or were left to fall apart.

Lord Israphel was glorified by the Elyos for winning the long and exhausting war. And silently cursed by the Asmodians for bringing the darkness from the land of light.

But is the history true? Or were some events altered before being officially recorded? Does the leader of the Asmodian resistance, lady Triniel's agent Runa, know about her mistress's whereabouts? What happened to lady Yustiel? Why lord Kaisinel's agent Veille was among the first Elyos to join the Asmodians in the desert? Did lady Lumiel really die, or did she use her final attack as a distraction to run? Will the Asmodians rise again or will they accept defeat and slavery? And what are the Dragon lords waiting for?

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