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40e or 50e chain for chanter?


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I have a full 30e set now socketed with HP (I reached soft crit cap with weapon and pve trinkets) I am nearly to my 50e staff and after that will be going for the L50 trinkets.  then I would like to upgrade my armor.  Have been told different things, but to me the 50e seems better suited for cleric than chanter.  would 40e be best upgrade for me or still go for the 50e?  I run support stigmas.  thanks!


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Accuracy 690 690

Atk Speed +8% +7%

Attack 45 53  -------------------- 40e has 8 more attack

Block 837 837

Concentration 56 48 ---------- 50e has 8 more conc (worthless tbh)

Crit Spell 50 50

Crit Strike 43 1 ------------------ 50e has 42 more crit

Defense 1097 941 -------------- 50e has 156 more Pdef

Earth Resist 30 30

Evasion 1420 1341 ------------- 50e has 79 more evasion

Fire Resist 30 30

Flight Speed +51% +47% ----- 50e has 4% more flight speed (dont know if celerity works in air but if it does, this allows you to get cap without using it)

Flight Time60 60

Magic Boost 176 45 ------------ 50e has 131 more MBoost. Some of your skills such as Promise of Wind/Blessing of Wind are MBoost based. This is roughly a 12% increase in                                                                  base damage for these skills.

Magic Resist 439 482 ---------- 40e has 43 more MR

Magical Acc 964 926 ----------- 50e has 38 more MAcc. Your stuns are Macc affected. 

Max HP 8110 7978  ------------- 50e has 132 more HP

Max MP 7063 7063

PVP Defense (Magical)+18% +16.2% ----- 50e has 1.8% more Pdef 

PVP Defense (Phisical)+18% +16.2% ----- Same as above

Parry 837 837

Speed +22% +22%

Strike Resist 90 90

Water Resist 30 30

Wind Resist 30 30

Manastones lvl 50 0 30

Manastones lvl 60 30 0 -----We dont have L60 manastones yet, but when 2.x drops we will. 





Tl;DR - If you want damage or anything else besides MR, get 50e. If you want MR build specifically, go with 40e. 

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Thank you!  I have decided to go with the 50e after I get my accessories then.  I just finished my 50e and combined with Lannok and I love it!  What do you suggest for manastones in my armor once I reach the crit cap?  HP?  or something else?

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Congrats on completing the most OP weapon for PvP for chanters.


In this patch you want to have ~1.9-2k accuracy, and roughly 650-700 crit.



With this (Lannoks + 50e combine, 50 gold accs, 50e armor set), With WoI active, Crit Scroll, and Crit/acc Food, You will have 1905 Acc, and 650 crit. If you use Intensity mantra that would boost you to 695 crit.


You still have 20 Manastone slots to use. You can do one of 3 things here,


- HP for survivability (1.7k added HP)

- Attack for damage (100 attack increase)

- MR to resist common MAcc check skills (Youll be over 1.5k MR. You wont resist Sorc/SMs but youll somewhat resist other classes that have MAcc based skills, i.e. Sins with rune bursts/stuns)


https://aion.aspirine.su/#!qHpQRsq - For reference, hit Comparison at the bottom to compare the different stats in Attack/HP/MR.


I did use Lakhanes as the helm, but that only really affects the MR route, and you can substitute a variety of helms that will give similar MR. 

You want to socket the accuracy manastones into the Lannoks staff and never on armor.  This is because the only staffs you would use other than lannoks are eternals/l55s when that comes out, and Taha staff/other staffs will provide the missing accuracy. You wont need to resocket armor manastones when/if you use a different staff. 


I personally would prefer attack since I'm lazy and I'd use the same set for PvE, but all 3 work. Do you want Damage, Tankiness, or chance at increased Mobility. 




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Thank you again!  I am lucky in that I am one of the few with Lakhanes helm already.  I am thinking for me, since I am really not that great at PVP, HP for survivability will be best then.  And I already socketed my staff with crit.  Not going to change that for now, I will have to see what manastone prices are looking like once I start getting armor pieces then to see if I want to change it or just make it work.  My character has pretty awful rng when it comes to socketing things :( You have been very helpful!

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