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Dredgion times??


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@Loki  @Kibbelz  Can you confirm the times for Baranth Dredgion?  1st dredge happened at normal time for me today, 2nd was 2 hours earlier than normal and 3rd has not popped yet.   Normal time will be in 1.5 hours, but why did the 2nd one come 2 hours earlier than normal?  Was this an intentional change?  an anomaly?  what gives?


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Aside from the fact it has not been announced (i agree with u on this statement) let me say that Eu players (that are good part of population) have been pretty happy becasue now they can join 2nd dregion (original time was at 4 AM (EU) and personally i've never been able to join it).

Pheraps also Usa players have noticed that more players joined 2nd DRED with new times and queue in last 48h have been pretty fast (this told by many usa players).

Of course this is an USA server(i know) but we all are here, we all loves aion (thegame) and hope also our opinion matters.

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