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Fading Tahabata Marks changes and removal of Bunnies in DP are nonsense


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Instead of making the design require fewer marks like the community has been begging for, now it requires 3 times as many while making the failed craft give out 3 marks, which just means that EVERYONE is further away from reaching that number (not that 99.9% of the players had any hope of achieving it anyway to begin with)

And now that the bunnies are gone, it's become super hard to form up a DP group together. Everyone loved the 30min DP runs, now it just feels like a slap in the face to go back to the tedious one hour runs so no one even wants to go anymore.

The past 2 weeks have been my most active time playing Aion yet, the game felt alive and you always had something to do. There absolutely needs to be some actions from the GMs: bring back the Bunnies, put reset/entrance key in the cash shop, drastically reduce the amount of Fading Marks required (or retrospectively triple the amount of existing Marks that everyone has).

I'm almost certain everyone playing the game would agree with me in this, except the ones that already got their Tahabata weapons and just want to burn the bridge behind them.

Please voice your support here!!

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