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S-Rank Minion Guaranteed Promotion! [Jan 26 - Feb 9]


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8 hours ago, Rin said:

Hey everyone. 

I know this one has been a bit of a pain point and I again, greatly apologize for the inconvenience as I was unable to post it on the website. As I stated before, it has been greatly noted and I will do whatever I can to push that this is not a common occurrence. 

On top of that, your feedback about how things were is also appreciated. Although I cannot promise I can do everything like in the past, it is still good to know in an attempt to see what I might be able tackle in the coming future. So, again, thank you for being understanding and polite with your critiques both on this and your general requests.

With all that being said, and as a (hopefully?) tiny make good...

I can say that something... cool is coming soon~

Yea i've heard the meteo news, hope that temperature won't drop too low, cuz i don't like to wake up in the morning And freezing my arse omw to work 🤣

How long are u in gaming industry if i may ask😋


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@RinSuprise Suprise NO ONE that I know got there S  rank boxes when they was promised to be delievered by end of day feb 16th,  it's no wonder people are losing faith in the game.... Time after time it keeps proving that the admins of this game don't care, not a single post about any "issues" just complete silence,  remember when I posted about the aion team doesn't care about the players prove me wrong," this continues to show me that that statement is correct


There's one of your number 1 issue for why NCWEST loses players, this isn't the first time this has happened either seems to be a on going issue that's never addressed, huge part of why the servers are starting to die down people are growing tired of the continuous let downs of "out of date reward events"  "late delievery of promo items" "watered down events compared to KR or even EU" KR /EU events are night n day difference vs NCwest, it's really no wonder people are so unhappy,  give people events like KR/EU get and you wouldn't have people complaining about events but when we get events that we already seen KR/EU reward tables vs ours that has literally nothing even close to theirs and you will continue to have upset players.  

Extremely disappointing 


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I went ahead and submitted a ticket with a video of my Minion synthesis.Not sure what Support will say, but hopefully some light can be shed on the situation. @Rin Could you or someone else from the staff please address the issue of players not receiving their S minions yesterday as intended? Was there a reason for this delay? The players really appreciate transparency concerning these kind of issues.

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  • Aion Team

Hello friends! I am so sorry, I was responding to another thread that was also pinging me at the same time—but I did hear ALL of you and raised this up immediately! Here's the two updates I posted:

Basically, thank you so much for informing me and for your patience as I tracked down the information first thing this morning! Everyone should have their S-Rank minions now, and we are very sorry for the minor delay in the delivery! 

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On 1/28/2022 at 4:16 PM, Rin said:
  • The Grade S Minion Contract will randomly give you 1 of the 10 possible Grade S Minions.
  • You can only receive one contract per ACCOUNT. Repeat attempts will NOT give you more than one contract.

@RinThank you for your continued diligence in reading through all of our "feedback" and working behind the scenes to coordinate across many internal teams.  Some additional, hopefully constructive feedback...

The first bullet is inaccurate.  What was actually delivered was indeed a salvage box, not a random s contract similar to the contract received from the S buddy buddle combine.  There was some commentary in this thread (that appears to have been deleted) where you suggest that salvage boxes might be delivered, but that update was never incorporated into your announcement post.  Salvage boxes are arguably a better item, so I think folks will be ok with this.  But things like this further sells the impression that the various teams within NCWest don't talk with each other, and are generally clueless as to what is going on with the game or the players.  Getting accurate information in event announcements on the website and in forums would help improve that perception.

Another thing, the salvage box that was delivered was delivered to a toon mailbox, not the account mailbox and is a toon bound item, meaning that whatever toon received this box is the only toon that can use it.  The second bullet mentions that this bonus item can only be received once per account, but doesn't mention anywhere a way to  route this item to a specific toon.  FYI toon bound items are universally hated within the community, largely for reasons like these.  It just amps the frustration factor.  What was the expected outcome from the event team?  How did the event team think the community would react here?  There was obviously an expectation that some people would qualify for the bonus item on multiple toons.  Was routing logic not explicit enough when given to the devs to implement?  Did devs not properly share this information with the event team so they could communicate it to the community?  Was a toon bound item necessary here?  Could this have been delivered to the account mailbox? 

And lastly, execution was late.   Late, hidden or misplaced or inaccurate information, and botched execution has become the norm.  All of these things drive up community frustration.  I totally applaud your community engagement, it's been wonderful.  Now we'd like the company to address the issues raised in the rest of this post. 

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