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Help a templar to get good


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Hello guys, I'm playing templar now and I'd like to know the best tips in terms of gear to do a decent pvp. As I see now, a sw can easily beat a tempar with one paralyse combo so should I make a magic defense set or maybe a magic resistence ? How many gears (minimum) I should have to start not die by a single combo kill ?
And also, wich runes I must go ? defense or a full dps ?
Best build to open world pvp ?
It's more for a general idea of what to aim for, so I'd be very happy with all tips from expert pvp budys and also to check diferent points of view.

Thanks all!

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  • +8 or higher Paragon Desperation weapon, or Perfect Yornforged Weapon, or +15 Fighting Spirit weapon if not possible
  • +15 Fighting Spirit armor (6 pieces)
  • Ultimate Starlight feathers complete set
  • All manastone sockets properly socketed
  • Full set of advanced stigmas
  • Full set of Advanced Daevanion skills (require +15)
  • Grade S minion
  • Full stat cubics
  • Ultimate transformation
  • Near-full transformation collections

You can farm full stat cubics by auto hunting in inggison/gelkmaros.

You may be able to acquire 2-3 pieces of Fighting Spirit armor pieces at most, by doing Apsaranta Hushblade / Fate's Flame quests.

Items highlighted in red are unobtainable for an average player.

Item highlighted in yellow may take a long long time.

Kerub weapons and armor are utterly bad (accessories (not plume/bracelets) are ok-ish). Don't waste your manastones on them.

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