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Events for new/returning players


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@Rin Im not all about posting or commenting in the forums but thought to make this since I read all your post and you seem genuinely interested in aion wich is something new for us so first of all I want to say welcome.

Then, I was wondering if it would be possible to tell the people running the game or whatever if we could get events (hopefully soon) with good rewards that would benefit new and returning players as well as current ones.

I just returned to the game after a long break and I dont have advanced daevanion skills nor ultimate transformation. And just like me there are alot of people too. Almost everyone is running ultimate transformation already so add events that give them as reward would be amazing to be honest. Not really easy to get but to be there at least. 

I know once in a while we get ultimate promotion event but I dont even have the 10 basic ones yet so it would be difficult to get that. Those promotions benefit the most to those that already have 1 or more ultimate transformations because they get to keep grinding legendary ones without needing to try and combine for a hope of ultimate.

A good event was the stormwing egg one, wich we havent see for long time. It would be awesome to be back.

Also, please tell them to add more skins on the BCM, personally Id like to see Dream Faerie's Costume & Couture Clothing. But more and any are welcome in the BCM to be fair.

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