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Event: Snow Balls are HERE!


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7 hours ago, Zappies-DN said:

Not at all, event is perfect as it is now. Run PFHM1 x 5 10  snowballs easy faster than doing lugbug on ONE character. Who the heck wants to spend the next 2 weeks doing lugbug on every character they have and their kids account or spouses?!?! We already have enough farming to do even if someone is mainly p2w.

This is not how this event is supposed to work. Obviously no one cares about their snowball for final daily lugbug because like u said no one will run it on all alts. However, last snowball event came with 4 snowballs from following missions : 1) start new day 2) teleport 3 times 3) use XP extractor and 4) use 30 pots and drinks. And this in addition to snowballs from instances. So, during normal snowballs event, you just logging alts, doing those easy missions and get easy 6 snowballs per alt. Then, if you have time, you run instances. This year, a f2p player can only get 2 easy snowballs per char, so it’s a crazy nerf.

So there is totally nothing to thank them for this year event.

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