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Luna Omega Drop Rates

Luna Omega Drop Rates  

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  1. 1. Have Omega's from S-Rank Luna been changed? What are your thoughts?

    • Rates have decreased
    • Rates have increased
    • Rates remained the same

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I noticed ever since Omega's went on sale on the BCM, I have literally gotten zero Omega's since. Prior to that flash sale, it felt as if it was roughly 50%. What are your thoughts on the rates of obtaining an omega stone from S-rank contaminated underpath highest grade bundles?

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26 minutes ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

I got 2 omegas out of 4 S rank runs while the omegas were on sale.

It's RNGesus. One player said he gets them 30% of the time. Mine has been 15-20% of the time, before and after the supposed "nerfs."

That's a rather small sample size though.. I run Luna on 5 characters each day, so that is 70 runs in two weeks. Yeah, it's rng but from my perspective, it does seem a little nerf'd

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It is to hard to me to say something cause I mostly do my luna´s for the experience so use to be AFK most of them. Could be 15-20% like cheesecake said or even 30% like somebody else said days ago. Somedays I got 2 from 4-5 bags, some days I got nothing. 

As you said it is imposible to do statistics with so few reps. Less than 50 bags could show something wrong. Maybe we can try to give a cabinet or a pet to cheesecake so she can open those 100 bags and tell us what she gets xD

But... In my experience I saw something about RNG in Aion. Obviously I´m not sure, but I saw that is not totally RNG. Not saying that they are cheating on us. What I say is that the RNG part can be lagged or bugged some times. It is like some factors on te game can produce some "lag" and your results will produce lesser succes events than intended. I had that feeling on many events where I knew the normal percentajes for each result and sudently I started to fail all the tries. Even with manastones I saw that. What I do usually is to close the game, restart the whole computer and open the game and try again. Usually my rates change a lot after that.

For this reasson prior to start enchanting, using expensives manastones or opening bags with random expensive rewards, I restart my computer (and the game obviously) and after that I have normal rates at least for some minutes. 

Maybe it is just something that I think, but is not true. Not sure if somebody else does the same or saw the same. 

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Have you ever played D&D or another table-top game and proceeded to never roll neither a 1 nor a 20 the entire game? Because I have, and that wound up being hilarious.

RNG. It does not always smile upon thee.

Apparently my average rate for luna omegas is lower than other people's. /sadface


(and now the omegas haven't been on the BCM for a week...)

(it's a conspiracy)

(I blame Tyd)

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drop remains the same, i do luna with 5 characters(yeah few and not like this can give a good example, but is something), some days i get 3, some dyas i get 1, some 0, is just luck.

And yeah at least change omegas from luna, so we can put them in account ware house. ^_^

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