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PVP advice for SW

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Well I don't play anymore, but I do miss my songweaver. All I'll say is you need enough magical accuracy to land hits and debuffs on people. Not talking about magic resist players because you'll have to socket a lot of magical accuracy. But to the point I was rocking around 2800 magical accuracy and with throne song 2900. That was in my DPS set and I had around close to 5k magic boost and I still felt like i hit like a wet noddle. +5 accessories to.

But just get enough magical accuracy to land on people then go rest knowledge for the damage. Enchant accessories.

When it comes to technique it is more of having knowledge of your class and every other class so you know how to time things and how to avoid lockdowns. In my opinion anyways can't really teach technique. It's something yourself would have to adapt to playing

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4 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

What meme is trying to (impolitely) say is that songweavers are the easiest class to play, bordering on broken, which is why there are rarely guides for them. Sleep your opponent(s), spam your skills, dispel yourself as needed, restore your HP and MP.

You  forgot para- get your Doritos, THEN spam your skills. So many bad SW!

4 hours ago, MintyR-DN said:

No wonder I get so bored playing SW  xD

Actually, they are boring.  Gets more interesting though if you try heal spec in PVP, definitely not boring xD

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10 minutes ago, Calista-DN said:

Gets more interesting though if you try heal spec in PVP, definitely not boring xD

I've never tried anything heal spec other than a cleric xD 

11 minutes ago, Calista-DN said:

Actually, they are boring.  

I've been looking into playing another class but...I don't know what class would be best for me also I wanna try to get my main to 75 before dumping her lol

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