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I resubbed recently, focusing on getting to 50 and it's been alright. Leveling is way easier now that they boosted campaign exp. People seem to stick with their legions so it can feel a little lonely without one, but it's not impossible to find people, just takes a bit more time. Sometimes it's easier to just show up at the place and group with people who pass by than to use LFG. Other times it feels like you're the only non-bot person around. There are legions and players in any case, you just have to log into the game and find them instead of trying to find them on forums.

Not sure what the experience is like at 50 since I'm not there yet, but if you liked Aion before and enjoy the world and leveling process, I say why not.

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The population is decent for both factions. Now is the perfect time to try Aion again, it's as close to Classic Aion as you'll find.

There's no other game like it. Once tried, if you enjoy it, then stick with it.

But it's important to know that if you do play, you'll want to subscribe to enjoy it completely.

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