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Attention PVPers ~ Community Video Submissions!

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Welcoming all players of every background and skill level, I am now accepting entries for the first ever Katalam Community Montage; a music video/PVP mashup featuring all classes from both factions as a celebration of our server! It's a one-of-a-kind production starring you and the friends you play with (and probably enemies too). Behold!


Who Can Apply?

  • All players  are encouraged to join in, whether you’re a PVE-er who just got lucky or a PVP-er who lives and breathes combat. Some people hate PVP but still have clips of victories that they cherish, and some people roam the maps daily searching for fights; this video is a place for all.
  • All PVP is welcome. 1v1s, group vs group, zergs, duels, open world, Arena, PVP Instance, and all other forms of PVP you can think of.
  • Videos ARE NOT chosen based on skill or performance. There is no "not good enough", so don't be shy!


  • Your video(s) was recorded during the 8.0 or current 8.X patch.
  • Your video(s) was recorded on the NA Katalam server.

How to Submit:

  1. Upload your recording(s) to an online host (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc). YouTube uploads may be accepted; however, YouTube compression makes your recording much lower quality and that may affect/limit its use. Minor edited videos (muted audio, cuts, chat blurs/censors) are accepted. By default, I will be blurring the chat and muting the audio of all submissions unless you specifically request for me not to.
  2.  Once your footage is ready, find my discord at: “Aria Zaara#0281” and PM me with the following:
    Your in-game name and the names of the other players featured in the video.
    The date the video(s) was recorded (if available; having no date won’t disqualify you).
    The download link for your video(s).
    [Optional] Your social media channels (Twitch/YouTube/etc) if you have any and want them linked to the video so more people find you.
  3. Lastly, you may request specific edits directly to me in the submission, such as highlighting specific moments or prioritising one encounter over another.

Feel free to @ me in this thread with any further questions as I’ll be checking back regularly and providing updates as we move through the process. There is currently no end date for submissions, but early applicants will definitely have a higher chance of making it in. With all that out of the way, it's time to begin! See you on the battlefield.


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