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GM won't help


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Hi everyone. I got a simple in-game issue to be solved. Submitting a ticket didn’t help. GM there won’t listen to you and just kept repeating the same words. Is there any other way to find assistance? Is there a way to complain? Do you guys have similar experiences?

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Yea, most if not all players experience the same issue with support tickets.
99% of all customer service representatives that work there just turn on their PC and start copying and pasting macros into the requests they receive, most don't even know what you are asking for because they haven't touched the game.
The best you can do is keep trying until you get that one guy in the department that does have some experience.
Worst case scenario, they can hit you with the "We reserve the right to assist you or not, any further requests will be silenced or won't receive a response"

Sad situation but, IT IS WHAT IT IS

Good luck!

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