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Aion Replay Recording Guide

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How to Catch Hackers, Funny Moments, and Unexpected PVP

Ever since the announcement of the Community Video project I’ve had countless questions about recording and how I never miss a moment. If you’re one of those “I’ll just use OBS to record” people then listen up, I am about to change your life.

Nvidia and Radeon GPUs both have a feature which allow you to record the past; so even if you’re not recording and something unexpected happens (you catch a glide hacker, or get zerged and win, etc) you can press a button and your GPU will render temporary memory files it stored as video. It’s very easy to set up and once you have it you’ll be able to save every great moment to video without getting lucky to have left your video capture running.

For Nvidia:
You’ll need the Nvidia GeForce Experience installed; this comes standard with all the drivers packages so you probably have it already. Open the In-Game overlay with the (default) keybind ALT+Z, or you can also click the Shadowplay icon between the bell and cog icon.



From this interface you can enable the Instant Replay, but first you might want to expand/shrink the replay duration (default is 5 minutes). Enter the settings and then the “Video Capture” menu.


Simply move the slider to decide how far back you want your replays to go. Setting it to 10 minutes means that when you click “Save Replay”, the last 10 minutes of gameplay will be saved as a video, and that’s it! Make sure your Instant Replay icon is lit up and says “On”, and you’ll be able to click the icon and hit “Save Replay” (ALT+F10 shortcut) at any time in your gameplay to record a replay for the last few minutes up to 20 minutes if you so choose. 


For AMD/Radeon:
Like Nvidia, you’ll need the packaged Radeon Software installed for this to work. Start by right clicking your desktop and opening the Radeon Settings.


Select the “ReLive” menu and set the feature to “On”.



You’ll find most settings and important info like Hot Keys in the “Global” tab.


Afterwards, move to the “Recording” tab and enable “Instant Replay.”


Once enabled, you can set the replay duration, up to the past 20 minutes of gameplay.


The recording tab is where you’ll find most recording settings that you can play around with if you’re so inclined. Just like Nvidia, you can save the replay recording via the in-game overlay or keyboard shortcut.

And That's It~!
Now, in addition to a traditional toggle recording software, you can now save replays and preserve all the moments you never saw coming! No more "I wish someone recorded that", no more "I wasn't streaming so I don't have it saved", you've got a replay button that'll save all the best moments~ Looking forward to seeing more of your clips through this :) Submissions are still open for the Community Video, I've received some great and really fun clips so far, so make sure you get your clips in before it's too late ;) Happy recording~ Seeya in Atreia 

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To piggyback on the AMD ReLive for users who have the updated AMD Adrenalin UI. Thanks to Aria's help I was able to find a solution to enable ReLive. Essentially you'll have to change the UI to turn ReLive on. All your current settings are preserved. Here is the YouTube video guide I used.



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I had to remove GeForce Experience and especially NVidia control panel because it made my game stutter and the mouse going nuts. Such a shame we can't have a simple capturing program like AMD has without any problems.

My old pc has a RX480/8GB and it can do that easily, my newer pc has an Asus RTX3070/OC, and I can't event use a capturing feature, it sucks.

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