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Forums Updates - April 21, 2022!


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  • Aion Team

Hello everyone!

I'll be cross posting this, so feel free to respond in either which section you feel! But, you'll all notice some changes I made to the forums. Please let me know if there's any major issues, but I wanted to make sure there was a better organization and readability for you all!

Items Changed:

  • Added an "Announcement" section to Aion and Classic Sections. Maintenance, Event Notices, Important stuff will be post here for now on.
    • Players cannot make new threads there (only staff), but you CAN see AND reply to all threads in that section! 
  • Suggestion Box has been added to Classic Section that was missing.
  • Added a "solved" tick box to the Player to Player support sections.
    • Those who open the thread can then check it as "solved" if someone has given them the answer they need!
  • Condensed several topics to a "Game Discussion" Section on both Aion and Classic.
    • The boards were just moved into this category to condense and save space!
  • Added a "General" Section separate from Aion and Classic Sections, for sharing Fan Content, off topic conversations, General Aion-wide discussions, and Archives.
  • Added the forums Code of Conduct link to all areas for ease of review.

Still Investigating:

  • Fixing SSO issues/cleaning up old accounts so that returning players can log in properly and/or post.
    • (If you have issues with this, please reach out to me via DM if you can, or email aioncommunity@ncsoft.com)
  • Bug Reports "Read-Me" guide for helping solve issues.
  • Other organization things (tags, sorting, important pinned posts, etc.)
  • Other engagement fun things (stickers, more profile pictures, rewards for being helpful, etc)


Feel free to leave a comment here for suggestions or ANY issues you run into! As always, I can't promise anything, but if you have something you'd like to see on the forums specifically, let me know and I'll investigate if it's something I can do or not!

Thank you everyone!

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16 hours ago, Supergirl said:

Can we PLEASE have gold drop back at calidon (theobomos). Its HARD to make KINAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Totally agree, it's really aggravating that they did that. 

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