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Dark Poeta Questions


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Howdy! Fresh(ish) 50 Ranger looking to get into some DP shenanigans. Since I haven't stepped in there since 2010 (and was a Gladiator back then), I'm looking for a little more information in terms of preparation. I found some guides on how to handle bosses thanks to the Google, but couldn't find very many details around prep. 

Are there accuracy requirements (currently 1811) or other stat numbers I should shoot for? 

I always keep various movement, atk speed, and crit rate scrolls on me. Food usage is also a non-issue. Gear isn't too shabby, but it can be improved in some areas (hands/feet are 41/40 for speed, and currently using Lv.30 gold PvP accessories). Campaign locked currently thanks to Alquima and a couple other things requiring a group so I can't exactly start the Fenris grind yet. Accessories can be upgraded to others quickly if the Acc requirements aren't too bad.

Aside from gear and consumables, what else can I do to prep so I don't waste other people's time?

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> I always keep various movement, atk speed, and crit rate scrolls on me

That's already more than I do. DP doesn't bring a lot of money in, has a horrible droprate and takes 2 hours if you're ungeared. I only use scrolls when on a boss.

For gladi i'd say you don't go for S rank unless you're dual wielding with good weapons. Other than that, DP A rank is free, the only thing that changes is how much time you'll spend inside. 

If you can keep aggro from 2 mobs at the same time, you can do it as a tank, else you're just a crappy DPS who has to make sure nobody but the plates are hit by mobs.

As for accu, can't really say as all my attemps at taha were on my SM, but I've heard 1800 you still miss some hits on taha, for the rest it's fine.

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