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Gladiator (Weapon - Manast. - Build) to maximize DPS in pve


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i wanna start Glad with a little of knowledge. In this stage i wanna only make a good DPS x PVE whit an eye on survaivability

My doubts are:

1) What weapon make best dps?

2) What manastone? Attack vs crit ?

3) Stigma build seems easy but an advice on this is ever welcome


Ty all

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1.) For maximum dps you want to dual wield. In the mainhand you want a dagger, this will allow you to attack the fastest and it has 100 base crit and also the highest weapon crit multiplier in the game. For the offhand weapon it can be either another dagger, sword or mace. Sword or mace is probably best. You want both weapons to have both crit and attack, accuracy is also nice if you plan to do things like DP S rank. 


2.) Make sure you have minimum 440 crit with whatever food you want to use and crit scrolls, I actually prefer to have 500 as it is the cap for PvE (might even be for PvP but haven't tested extensively like I have for PvE) and chanters don't always want to use the crit mantra. After you've socketed enough crit the rest of the manastones should be attack.


3.) Socket the stimas needed for beserking and sharp strike, get severe weakening blow and I also like siegebreaker as it is short cd so it helps fill in gaps when skills are down.

I myself have the gold dagger set from Dark Poeta. They are far from the best weapons I could have for DW but I find that with the stigmas I use and those weapons I give many glads with far better weapons a run for their money in DPS.

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Ok i'm going dualwield.  The attack speed is for each weapon attack equal to the weapon with maximum speed?

For example if i gear a dagger that has 14%attack speed and a sword without attack speed i get 14% speed in each attack as for armfusion?

Then is better to cap parry or block for survaivability in melee?


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Use Dagger Mainhand, Sword or Mace Offhand.


Ensure both have +Attack and +Crit modifiers.

Ensure one has 19% attack speed.

Ensure one has accuracy. 



Attack speed does not stack, whichever weapon has the highest value is the one that will be used. 

Slot crit only until 500(with Food + Scrolls) if you do not plan on PvPing. Come 2.x You may need ~600ish but the increase in crit scrolls and chanter buffs will give you that.

Everything else should be Attack 5s.


Get 40e or 50e as your PvE set. You will gain far more damage, as well as they offer great accuracy (40e -- you may not need to socket any at all), or crit (50e). 


For survivability, you are a Gladiator. You do not need to socket anything defensive, you will be able to survive anything in the game with no issues. You want to output damage and only need to focus on that. 

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for PVE DPS you want to focus on dual wielding. Most gladiators will only ever be dagger-sword dual wielders, but if you can manage to get your hands on a good warhammer that has +attack and +crit bonuses, you will want to use it. Maces have base magic boost. Magic boost increases the damage of godstones. Which godstone you use is up to you. 20% and 10% godstones will activate very often on dual wield weaving and give very consistent damage output. 2% and 1% godstones will activate once or twice in a boss fight, but they will hit very hard and if you get good RNG it could speed up your boss kill time by a few seconds.

Reminder though, you NEVER socket mboost as a gladiator. The base mboost from the mace and its enchant level are enough.

The list of viable warhammers is small, and most of them cost a lot, but that's life as a gladiator - highest potential, priciest weapons.  The most cost effective option is likely Skuma's mace for elyos or Chieftain Ulagu's mace for asmos. They'll probably be on sale within a week or 2, just as soon as someone gets the recipe drop, and don't cost very much to make. Keep your eyes peeled. There's also the Pacification Warhammer, which has a higher attack mod, but is a world drop from beshmundir temple so they'll be a little less common i think.

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I have a noob Glad that I am trying to make dual wield high dps.

The suggestion of a Warhammer for godstone MB is an interesting one.

Would that be, Warhammer and Dagger or Warhammer and Sword?

Which hand is best for each?

I would also be interested in stigma and rotation advice in that setup.



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