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Lightspeed Ironfang stats

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Why does the top, max level aetherforge tiger mount have slower speeds and higher flight drain than the freaking PANDA POWER WHEELS mount being added in tomorrow's events? Come freaking on, it takes stupid amounts of kinah and work to get this mount and it just keeps getting crapped on by free/p2w mounts. Can this thing PLEASE get bumped up to top tier with the luna/event mounts?

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Ikr, I wish the aetherforge mounts had like a 14 speed or something, cuz it doesn't make sense why it is having a mythical aura around it yet its speed stats are not even on par with regular luna mounts.  In other news, what is the speed/sprint of the Panda Power Wheels? what does it look like even? cuz I can't find it anywhere

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yet these players on the asmo side seem to believe its a fair price to charge 300 mil + a piece for the 20 stone of fate fragments needed to make the 1 stone of fate thats needed to make the freaking mount that has poop stats than regular mounts ill give ya 30 mil a piece not a cent more...


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