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Kerub season 2 fortress quests are bugged?


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So yesterday I went to siege solely to get the <Ultimate Memory Shard> from the kerub quest but for some reason it didnt complete.

The kerubs quick guide says (on Quick Growth IV tab):



[7] Fight in the Altar of Avarice/Temple of Scales Assaults

TIP! In Inggison, the "Altar of Avarice Assault and Temple of Scales Assault" start Thursday and Sunday at 22:00. Fight in the fortress battles and receive rewards. 

Mission completes upon receiving rewards through the mail.




[10] Fight in the Silona/Pradeth Fortress Assaults in Crimson

TIP! Silona Assault starts thursday at 22:20, and Pradeth Assault starts Sunday at 22:20. Teleport to Crimson Danaria via a rift in Crimson katalam.

Mission completes upon receiving rewards through the mail.


I did went to both Altar of Avarice and Temple of Scales, help destroy the gates, killed some mobs got GP from mobs, dps the boss and got 170GP from the boss. Talk to the little lugbug that appears. Got both my mails wich had AP and a box that gave 2 enchantment stones each. But the quest on kerub didnt update.

Then went to Crimson Katalam used the portal to go to Crimson Danaria, killed some mobs got GP from there, destroyed the gate, killed the dux, got GP, got mail with AP and a box with 4 enchantment stones and still nothing on the kerubs guide.

Did anyones got theirs updated after siege? or is it bugged?

@Rin could you please check with the team? cuz i really need the ultimate memory shards since I dont have an ultimate transformation yet and that would put me so close to getting one. Thank you!

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