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We’ve adjusted the rewards of [inner forts] so it won’t feel like daily routines


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For reference : https://www.aiononline.com/news/classic-update-pv-2022

Actual text :


To help Daevas earn items more efficiently, we’ve also adjusted the entry level, number of entries, and rewards of the Krotan, Kysis, and Miren Fortress Treasure Rooms so it won’t feel like boring daily routines

Does anyone have detail about this?

@RinDo we have to wait for patchnotes to know what this is about?

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Patch note is out. 



  • Changed the way to acquire tickets for the Treasure Room of the upper floors 'Isle of Roots Storeroom', 'Grave of Steel Storeroom', and 'Twilight Battlefield Storeroom'.
  • We have lowered the stats of the Guardian and Awakening Guardians of Isle of Roots Storeroom, Twilight Battlefield Storeroom, and Grave of Steel Storeroom.
  • Changed the entry level of the upper central treasure rooms to levels 51-55.

  • Adjusted the stats of monsters in the upper central treasure rooms to level 55.

  • The probability of acquiring artifacts from the upper central treasure rooms has been increased.


I don't see what changed beside the content being made for lvl 55 players. If anyone is smarter than me in the room, feel free to enlighten me

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