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Make Pvp gear Tradeable/sellable storable in Account warehouse.


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When the developers finally allowed pvp gear to be bought and sold it was one the best decisions made,making gear more accessible too the entire playerbase was a huge help.This game declines started with ridiculous Enchanting and tempering levels, making gear easier to obtain was not a bad thing.

People say how easy level 30 Elite is to get,however thats not true it will cost you over 1million AP to acquire a full set of armor,wep and accesorys,even during double AP at 140 AP a kill which diminishes as rank your looking at well over 10 thousand kills to get a basic set.

Allowing people to sell their old gear without those stupid passes and allowing players to put Abyss gear in their own warehouses would help a lot.Not every player is able to siege and be awarded massive amounts of AP,no new or returning has a hope against players now if you continue to ignore the gearing process for pvp and even pve.

The refusal by your team not to let us even store pvp items in account warehouse is one reason why at least for myself i will likely quit after my Aura runs out as someone who has supported this company financially over the years you continue to make things as hard as you can for players and dont understand that mindlessly killing mobs is not by any definition fun.

While id like to think you are listening the second time round,i dont think you are and far too many mistakes have already been made.

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Please add useful items too cash shop instead of overpriced Emotes.

Could really use the following.

Tea of repose.

Experience amulets 100/200%

AP amulets like before for 50/100% gains

Gear wraps/passes to let people sell their old gear and thereby help others out.

And please let us store pvp gear in warehouse its insane that you wont let players do this so we can give gear too our own toons.

Not holding my breather 14 year old game and even in retail Ncsoft doesnt understand western market.

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Also @Rin The biggest reason this games decline happened was when you guys introduced omegas and tempering and the breakthrough skills.

Keeping gear at level 15 but allowing it to be bought, sold  and stored in account warehouse actually would increase quna sales as people look too offload old gear to new and return players and if people see they can at least get an old set to have a chance they might actually stay or return.

Items from quna shop are taking a lot longer too sell now and theres nothing new thats even worth buying those emotes are just a ripoff.

My quna purchases will cease until useful items get added this refusal to add ap/exp amulets and reset scrolls is just madness.By the time you actually fix anything the game will be a ghost town yet again.

Its very frustrating that your bosses have learnt nothing from the first time round and seek to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

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Overall, I'm all for it, with one exception, the level 50 PVP Abyss set, which shouldn't be kept in account storage.

The reason is simple: in Aion times, level 50 characters could assemble the PVP gear with alts for a char to easily get a whole set. The problem now is that certain players had enough discord with this set and caused huge frustrations that further tormented weak players, so the game was just abused for that purpose, it was a disaster back then with this lev 50 character who never got back should be repeated.
So a definite no to storing the Lev 50 PVP Abyss Set in the Account Warehouse. The players should first learn to deal responsibly with other players, only then can you do it. Players intentionally stayed at lev 50 to torment other players who were weak this must never happen again.

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