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Weekly Server Maintenance - May 25, 2022 [Aion]


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PLsssssss  Rin add back the      Bboba Robot   for we can use all [Event] Hunting Coin  like the event info promise use

Please note: On May 31, the following items will be deleted from players’ inventories, so please be sure to utilize them before then: [Event] Hunting Coin.

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On 5/26/2022 at 7:30 PM, Rin said:

Hey everyone.

Thank you again for all your continued suggestions. The absolute shout for Stormwing/Hungry Hatchlings event has been on the top of my report list, and I will continue to push that voice as much as I can, along with everyone else's feedback here. Again, myself and the team cannot promise anything, but I want you all to know it is being documented and I'm aware and doing my best!

Thank you very much again for your patience and kindness.

noone is holding it against you I think. You guys (including Kibbelz) tried but sadly it is only becoming worse and worse after some point you need to evacuate the ship rather than keep patching wholes.


Btw the paragon stones and drops were good from the previous event however there are so many other events that the community has asked for that never came back.


Milking is not sustainable ! If you dont feed the cow you aint gonna have much more milk.


Unless you add a way for the whales to swipe and spawn competitive pvpers :D

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