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Thoughts on new Appearance Limitations?


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These changes are being implemented per the 2.0 patch notes


2. Certain rules have been implemented for appearance changes.

  • The following items will not be able to change or utilize their appearance:
    • A normal or crafted item type that is higher than a hero grade. (Example: Tahabata weapon).
    • Weapons, Armor, Earring, Necklace, or Helmets that can be purchased with Abyss Points. (Example: Elite Centurion item)

So from what is being said here any gear, gold or above, will not be able to be modified by the NPC's in Pandemonium and Sanctum anymore. 

To me this reads as a straight money push towards forcing people to unlock wardrobe slots. For players that focus mainly on costumes I can see this being semi beneficial in some ways as you won't ever lose the costume. However for those who like to use in game armor skins (Anuhart or otherwise) this will be forcing them to open 5 - 7 wardrobe slots (allotting for weapons) to modify their main gears which translates to $50 USD just to put normal game skins onto their armor.

Am I reading this right? As it stands this is straight up forcing players to ignore cosmetics which can be a big part of the player experience or spend outrageous amounts to keep the appearances they want for their character. What are your opinions on the change?

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