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New Kerub Guide is made to be a little bit more obnoxious


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I tried to make kerub on a new alt and boy this new kerub series is designed to make you want to quit. Not only the stages are locked and you have to do them in a specific order to unlock the next step, but also that cubicle thing is not obtained by entering cubic lab with the scroll anymore, you have to go out in main city and keep farming and farming until you get one!

The drop rate in Gelk must be near 0, not only I looted almost nothing sellable but it took me like close to 100 mobs to get one cubicle all while the char didn't even have the whole kerub set!

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On 5/30/2022 at 8:34 AM, Spirithq-KT said:

you have to do only first Kerub stage then all others are unlocked, getting 1 cubic needs farm for 5-7 minutes or less .....

I know that, I did it to my main too, but that alt really struggled on the cubic part.


19 hours ago, Fran said:

You can buy boss cubics from broker or buy some potions on GST and hope for a cubic on transmutation thingy

That is good advice, it would take 800k kinah per try but it is sure faster than having to grind tenths of mobs slowly hoping to get one.

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