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3 minutes ago, Valedia-DN said:

there is no one on aion can say i ever ask them for anything free so you can sthu with that one there young one

Nope, you totally didn't do that, grandpa...

2 hours ago, Valedia-DN said:

All i am saying is if u get some endgame item from a none time consuming event or w/e i dont believe you should charge prices based on the rarity of it but try to remember it cost you nothing so why charge as if it did unless its just pure greed... 


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4 hours ago, Mayinne-DN said:

So... player A earns a "rare item" the hard way and puts it to broker for 1b. Next day event stars and players B, C and D get the same "rare item" for free from the event, because they're lucky and by your logic, put it to broker for 1m. 

Now, question for 10 mazecreatures: Who is going to buy the hard-earned "rare item" from player A, if they see those almost free ones? Isn't it unfair to player A to devalue their effort?

This logic is why you camp the broker and buy the item for 1m and re list it for 999,999,998 :).

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