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Theorycraft for the Best In Slow Bow at lvl 55 (PvP/PvE)


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This is a thread I created more to write my notes down somewhere than to ask a question. First, 2 situations : PVP and PVE.

PvP situation : you need to land your shots fast, kill with one rotation (Two max if you get the sleep) and disapear. Which means you can't be blocked or parried, that you can't be resisted and that you must crit. It also means you probably won't want to weave. If you're the one caught, you still should be tanking a minimum to remove shock, pot and turn back.

Importance of stats in PvP :

  • Crit ++. You want to reach ~500 for 50% crit (if the formula didn't change) and take into account strike resist, so 650-700 with all your buffs.
  • Accuracy ++. You want to bypass the cleric with 2300 block or the chanter/glad with natural high parry.
  • Magic Accuracy +. You want your CC to not be resisted. Silence/Sleep/Root. You won't be able to get 100% on full MR people but you should be able to get 100% against plate and leather
  • Base attack ++ (Weapon dmg + enchant bonus + merge bonus). Also called "white attack" in the character profile. It's multiplied by everybuff/crit.
  • Green attack - (Manastones, "attack +x" lines below stuff, food). Different sources give different results, but what's sure about it is that it isn't multiplied by your buff/crit so it's really not that important
  • Magic resistance -- Your base MR is low compared to cloth and chain, trying to compensate with manastones will barealy change the outcome. It's not worth socketing
  • HP +. A minimum of 8k HP with food seems enough to be given the time to react.
  • % PVP attack ++. 10% dmg is nothing to laugh at

PvE situation : You will weave, on normal mobs and on bosses. Crit is a must for your DPS on bosses and to knock down normal mobs. Accuracy for hardest bosses has to be high but is reachable without manastones with a good weapon and since we're looking at BiS, it's not a factor in PvE.  MAcc on bosses is not really a factor since you can't silence/sleep them. On mobs, it's barely resisted even with an average bow. You want some HP to tank the damage that you can't evade to avoid the one shot or be able to survive to extra pulls when solo.

Importance of stats in PvE :

  • Crit ++. Strike resist exists but lower that in PvP.
  • Accuracy +-. The better bows + your buff are enough even on stormwing/omega/ragnarok
  • Magic Accuracy +-. Even the average bow lands silence every time. Only sleep arrow and its macc malus doesn't work every time.
  • White attack ++. Same than in PvP. Most important stat to deal dmg
  • Green attack +. While you weave a lot less than dual wielding classes, it's still a nice DPS boost in the long run.
  • Magic res --. Not needed in the sense socketing it won't change anything
  • HP +. 8k with food is the norm.

I remove from the list all bows which don't seem obtainable even though they are technically available :

  • Mastarius/Veille
  • Padmarashka/Sematariux

Some gold lvl 50 bows  could be good as merge, if they can bring crit + accuracy and save some manastones slots. I only kept those which meet this condition:

  • Balic bow (lvl 50)
  • Anuhart bow
  • Dragon's deity longbow
  • Bollvig bow
  • Elder bow

Which gives a list of the following bows to consider :

  • Stormwing longbow
  • Vorpal bow
  • AP Elite 55 bow
  • AP 55 bow
  • Carved master bow
  • Debilkarim bow
  • Tahabata bow
  • Latzio's bow
  • Pacification bow (dunno if it drops)
  • Balic 55 orange and gold

If you want to make your decision by yourself, here is a spreadsheet I made


The PvP bow with 10.5% pvp attack can't be matched for a ranger as a merge. For the main weapon, you'll need the highest attack possible. I also wanted to take bonus stats into account. So what I did is count how many manastones would be needed to get as much stats as the bow. I made 2 versions of this, one where everything is counted and one where I discard HP and the extra lukcy manastone slot.

The conclusion is for main weapon :

any orange crafted 55 >> balic gold 55 >  stormwing > Taha >> Vorpal > Noble Latzio > pacification > balic 50 > Debilkarim

The merge for PvE, since you don't need to take the %pvp attack, the insane bonuses of Tahabata's longbow makes it a very viable choice :

Taha=OrangeBalic55 > Master Carved = GoldBalic55 > Stormwing = Bolvig = Dragon's deity > The rest

If you have the choice for the merge, always chose the bow with the highest base attack. It's minor, but 10% of their attack will be added to your base attack. So between taha and OrangeBalic55, the difference would be +28 or +30, which is why it isn't stupid to consider lvl 50 bows as merge.

Best in slot for PvP : Master Carved + Elite PvP 55
Best in slot for PvE: Master carved + Orange balic 55
Best for low price : Taha + bolvig

Hope it can help some people :)

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