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Prodigal Grogget has a whooping 32,800 Physical Attack

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Prodigal Grogget stats and skills in Steel Rake Fortress instance

He only deals 1/10th damage vs players though, but Spiritmaster pets die very quickly

His movement speed is only 4.0, and all attack skills are easily avoidable small radius AOEs and have less base damage than his auto attacks

Damage on Templar

  • 21,805 phy defense + 720 PvE defense
    • Auto Attack: 3,724 ~ 4,508 (over 417 clean hits)
    • Steam Blast: 2,083
    • Sweeping: 2,048
  • 21,805 phy defense + 3,220 PvE defense
    • Steam Blast: 1,806
    • Sweeping: 1,776
    • 21,805 phy defense + 4,720 PvE defense
  • Auto Attack: 2,407  ~ 2,904 (over 175 clean hits)
    • Steam Blast: 1,344
    • Sweeping: 1,321

His high physical attack stat and low effective weapon damage/skill damage means gear don't have as big difference on damage against you, compared to other bosses (such as Heart of Apsaranta easy have 25,800 for bosses 1 and 2)


So far two other bosses are known to have over 30,000 physical/magical attack (by my testing):

Crucible Spire middle level floors 13 and 14 bosses (not floor 15)

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