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I can't remove appearance from gear I earlier modified in Luna!


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I have one pair of wings in my wardrobe, and the rest 7 slots are busy also with necessary things. I got not enough Luna to expand another slot.  More than that, I 'm satisfied with these pair of wings and don't need more wing skins so far. The issue is: All my wings, including Ultimate Legion Guard, have the appearance of Prime Archon Guard wings (sorry if I'm not  accurate in their name, I hope you understand what I mean - black ones with a dark-yellow edges).  I recently got new (Heartguard) wings and I want to put on them the appearance of Prime Archon, while using Ultimate Legion Guard wings  with its  original skin. So I need to remove Prime Archon appearance from my Ultimate Legion Guard wings. But when I open the slot "Change or remove appearance " the button  "Remove appearance" (on the right) is grayed and I can't press on it.

I noticed more than once that it happens to all skins that had been registered in Luna  Wardrobe, so I used a workaround: add an appearance from the present wardrobe and then remove this appearance. But it gets me stuck with my wings having the same appearance with the one in the wardrobe. It writes "Applying the skin to this item can't be made because  the item and the skin have the same appearance" WHAT CAN I DO WITH IT?  How can I remove an appearance from a thing having  the same appearance with the one in the wardrobe???  The usual window "modify/enchant" doesn't work for removing appearance either.  It's so upsetting!!!  Please fix this bug, because otherwise the Wardrobe is broken and not better than the Luna wardrobe we had before!!! 🥵

Another frustrating thing is that characters having 2 empty slots  in Luna Wardrobe were robbed by 1 slot in the new wardrobe! I understand that new characters that never  saw Luna Wardrobe, get one empty slot because it's the rules of the new Wardrobe, but why ripping old characters that had Luna with 2 free slots, of one slot?? At the same time, if 2 or more slots were filled you didn't  cut their number. (It's easy to imagine it would cause a great outrage) But it's frustrating to lose an empty slot too! How do you know whether I was planning   to use those slots or not? The price of expansion is very high and the designs for crafting Luna coins come extremely rarely! Some accounts are lucky, others very unlucky while having much Luna materials and could craft many Luna coins (1000, 2000) should they get the design! 😩😫😩

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