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Restore all the lost content


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You cant expect to gain a player base by removing content. Currently you just do all the campaigns and go to level 50 in a day or so. Making all of the other game content from 1 to 50 pointless. 

Crafting, gathering, quest, instances, gear, its all pointless. With this set up you might as well get rid of level 1-50 and automatically create new characters starting at level 51. Remove Ish, mor, and bel (same with elyos side) start all the mobs in brush and abyss at level 51.  Why have that content if you can easily just skip over it. 

I would rather have a game that we could play and have fun with all the content of the game, not just end game.  Start everyone at level 1 and let everyone play the game and enjoy the content. 

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