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an other stigma question

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he i play on aion on elios part and asmo part why this difference of evolution

in asmo part we have npc who give us equipments , weapon and STIGMA  at lecel 20,30,40,50,60,  but why in elysea at heiron we can't have equipment,weapon and stigma at level 50 why this difference

some one can explain me why and may be a moderator can fix this ineguality

TKS waiting your answers

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In summary, we get as many stigmas in Beluslan as can be socketed (without charging): level 20 - 1 normal, lev 30 - 1 normal, lev 40 - 1 normal, lev 50 - 2 greater, lev 60 - 1 major, lev 70 - no stigma, just gear. I don't really know what is your problem with level 50 in Heiron.  There are no shugos selling gear lev 50 and 1-time quest for 20 Acorns giving  non-elite gear+ greater stigmas? Aren't they in another place, or coupled with another level store? If nowhere, I think you should apply to Technical Support and post to "Report bug" on this forum.  

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