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Weekly Server Maintenance - June 15, 2022 [Aion]


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22 hours ago, Arhangelos said:

...lol the worst part is that the level 1 fail ice cube gives you 10x big XP

it is actually 20x not even 10x, so the 1st cube fail is pretty much the best reward until cube +5.


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10 hours ago, Amarah-KT said:

Soo.  can we continue to discuss how terrible the chances are of even getting a +5 ice cube?  Even snowballs are better than this

I have done 5 chars with friends, 5*6 = 30 ice cubes, plus the free on main and some alt accounts. Close to 40 cubes total.

Not a single one went to +5, like 4~5 went to +4, the rest were junk.

... and this is where I'll pass for the rest of the event, the RNG is too much.

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4 hours ago, Amarah-KT said:

You mean the RNG is too little lol.   

Well I meant it as in the phrase "this is too much for me" 🙃

"Too much" of a playing factor and "too much" of a failure.

They didn't even give the percentage of how much it is to get from +4 to +5 and forth, they have it on enchant rates, transformation combination rates etc. They have to give out the chances of anything that includes RNG. I naively thought "hey, if I do too many chars how bad could it be?", and I didn't even ask for a +6 or a +7, just a +5 would probably get me going, I got 0 from all these cubes, that doesn't even let you draw any statistics, it could be another 100x cubes before I could get a +5 at this point.

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On 6/21/2022 at 11:00 PM, Samaria-DN said:

First week Ice Cubes:

93 -> 68 -> 36 -> 8 -> 0

I've already opened 12 before I started taking data so really 105 cubes for zero +5.

  • +1 -> +2 = 68/93 = 73,118% (it could be 75% rounded)
  • +2 -> +3 = 36/68 = 52,294% (it could be 50% rounded)
  • +3 -> +4 = 8/36 = 22.222% (either 25% or 20%)
  • +4 -> +5 = no sufficient data!

Yikes, I am defo not going to be anymore active in this event with this RNG. The +5 gives both the selectable rune/gem and the refining stone pouch. Even if it is not fully enchanted it is still a dazzling gemstone or highest runestone so that is already too game breaking to get. At this rate I doubt anyone will be able to get anything past +5.

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I haven't really cared about all the numbers, but the ones I do know for sure I have opened 98 cubes. 3 +4, 3 +5, 1 +6, 2 +7. The lower ones I said whatever and moved on free is free idk

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