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Thats why I can't click on things in Sanctum!?


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I wondered why I sometimes can't click things in Sanctum since the 2.0 Update - Well i think i found the reason.

There are 1 or 2 Soul Reavers in Sanctum:


Maybe it's 3 or 4.. 


Could also be 5..


Or 6, if you count the one next to the Brokers..



Isn't that a bit excessive? It is really annoying to change my camera angle around until i can finally click the NPC I need.

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Just NCSoft's way of saying nyerk you to their customers.


Why fix an actual issue, when they can just make everyone's lives just a little bit worse off? You don't like being able to click things the first time... right?

Why not nerf drops to sell for 10x less then retail did. Why not make what mobs drop no loots at all? We have a Cash Shop to buy candies, why would we allow these peasants to farm mobs when we can just sell kinah???

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