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Title Card: Nimble Fingers

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Um @Cyan I just spent a good amount of kinah to buy the title card Nimble Fingers to get not only that title (as the card says it will give that title) but to get the increased stats.  I got the stat increases but the title it gives is NOT the Nimble Fingers like it says.  It gives the title  Dexterous Agility instead.  Is this supposed to happen or is the title awarded to me wrong or is the tooltip of the title card wrong?

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Its not a mistake per se. Its a practice done by them because certain title cards give a different title based on class or faction. Therefore, they give these arbitrary names to these cards to cater everyone.

However, since the Dexterous Agility title is the only one, this can be misleading. But at least you got a new title. :P If you don't like it, you can probably ask Support to restore it for you and sell it back.

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