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Weekly Server Maintenance - June 22, 2022 [Classic]


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14 minutes ago, Ponci said:

Aion classic has worst game support. Converting account bound items to character bound and when i want to transfer, they said "not our problem". Realy?

One year anniversary and an admin is quitting after passionately pleading to the higher ups to make impactful changes for the health of the game over the past few months that she was in her position. I wouldn't expect much from here on out. 

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16 hours ago, Load said:

If you couldn't finish the pass, even with the reset of achievements, then that's on you for not paying attention to the dates. You can't buy the pass 1 or 2 weeks before it ends and expect to finish it. From experience you need at least 3 weeks of finishing every quest to finish the pass. They even gave an extra reset this time due to the Coins pass being too hard.


No I did not. And I'd not say that I'm surprised as I was already expecting this to happen... I'm just disappointed.

No, I don't see it as being up to me, the rewards in the Daeva pass are not properly adapted to the life of the character, for example the gold coins and the like must be rewarded earlier and not only then when the character no longer needs them and long ago beyond that, what is a character with almost 50 supposed to do with silver coins..? It's poorly adjusted and should be done right, my character is fats 50 and still has to carry silver coin set which makes leveling so horrible and not fun.

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