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Recreating a fun experience


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Please do not take this as an insult. We all came to experience nostalgia for Aion Classic.. however we know that the original experience will never be recreated. That being said there are still more ways to keep the game active without having to ride the pay 2 win wave. There is one thing that keeps gamers going and that’s when GMs actually listen to their buyer’s requests. We understand you spend years creating a game and it’s content. However when player’s requests and suggestions get ignored you lose them on a weekly basis. Here are some things that could be changed to make Aion Classic a bit more interesting.

Considering you have to pay for all these passes you might as well just make the game free to play. As in forget the free 1hr siel’s aura just make the game free to play, let them gather, gain drops, get AP, trade, etc. You already have so many passes to make money out of. Even with your bot reapers we still have bot problems. At least we’ll have more real players.

More money? 
Open up a page on your website to allow players to buy skins from previous years this includes hairstyles, weapon skins, and outfit skins. Open up a page to buy emotes and mounts. Make all previous emotes/mounts available for purchase. Make reset scrolls available for purchase. BRING BACK WONDER GIRLS DANCE. There are private servers making money from your content because they put out the content that made the game fun. 

New Players: 

Allow them to have a fast track server.. many of the new players can’t find groups because majority are level capped and don’t feel like helping lower levels. 

Drop Rate: 

Guarantee a gold weapon drop at the end of each boss atleast like Kromedes, Lannok, and Bakarma. Eternal for Tahabata and Stormwing. It sucks spending hours a week grinding through these instances just to get a blue ring the entire run and finally after 20 runs a pair of wings. 

Enchantment stones and mana stones: 

Your drop rate for mana stones is so bad. Make events available every month for mana stone and echantment stone bundles. We can give you ideas for events…

with the little amount of manastones available you should allow the system you used to have where if one stone broke only that stone broke and you kept the rest. I am not a plate or green class but I feel bad for them trying to proc Attack 5’s. The Attack 5’s are extremely expensive in the broker too so imagine how they feel trying to socket their gear. It’s discouraging. 


Gojira was a very bad event.. whoever was in charge of the drops did a bad job. Only one godstone dropped and only untradeable magic resist stones dropped as well.  Better rewards for participating would be nice for future events. 


We do not want to lose our EU players our population is already low. Is there a way you can open up different times for Tiak and sieges? 

New Suggestions


This is just an idea I had.. I don’t know how it sounds to the rest but many people in high rankings don’t really go out to pvp because of their rank. Maybe every month or 3 months you can reset all of the rankings. People can still keep the AP they made in a “side inventory” and work on a new ranking for the reset. This will give others an opportunity to get a ranking and it will push off the inactive people. It will also allow players with gear that did not pvp due to the huge loss in AP if they went out as a Great General +. 

More rewards for the hardwork people put into their AP gains. 

Monthly Instanced Events with big rewards: 

Having monthly instances events like “King Shugo” (I made that up.. I know) with little games that are similar to things like Mario Party that don’t heavily rely on gear but still allows people to have fun and win based off certain skills would make things a bit more interesting. You can get creative with characters you currently have like “Bakarma’s Fire Pit” where players get turned into Balaur (we have always wanted to be Balaur) and we knock people off the platform using baelic abilities for that instance event. Last man standing wins big prize. Top 3 get enchantment/mana stone boxes. These are just examples. 

Prize pools can include:


- Echantment/Manastone boxes

-Unique Skins

-Crafting materials

Considering these things you guys should break away from the strict rules you are on and do more for the people that keep the game alive. Let me know what you all think. 

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