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Dark Poeta - why is it capped at 6 players, meaning......


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Why is dark poeta capped at 6 players? 

If the instance is started with 6 players and 1 person leaves. A new member cannot enter the instance, leaving the 5 with a wasted run.

This mechanic doesn't make sense because there are variables that might cause a player to drop group in the middle of the run leaving the group with a wasted run. To my knowledge this mechanic doesn't apply to any other instances because players drop group and group recruits a replacement all the time. 

Can someone explain? 

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That isn't what it does though, for both forts and DP i've had people drop out from a group and had no problem replacing them, instead I've only encountered the problem mentioned above under very specific conditions, namely have a full group where everyone is trying to enter an instance that requires a specific item to access (i.e. forts and DP) and having someone that does not have the specific item and can't get it.

In particular for a fort run where this happened to my group shortly after 2.0 the person in question tried to enter into kysis elyos with the shugo kysis shard for when it is asmo, since he had already run with the shard from kysis itself.

This act of trying to enter but being unable to, so the person did not even enter the fort, then locked the 6th party slot and we had to 5 man the fort.

Same for DP, a few days ago we could not have our 6th group member enter because at first a ranger that didn't know DP at all tried to enter without stone, where afterwards the group decided to go without him, sensibly, which however again locked us into 5 people for that S rank run, which worked out fine but it was still troublesome.

In both cases, the second being the one that Koj is talking about since we where trying to have him enter as our 6th, the 6th person never even actually entered, instead the game took their entry attempt and then locked the slot, never freeing it up again.

Which is different to how these instances usually operate, I've had people leaving DP runs and fort runs before and with them leaving the group and the instance the slot was always freed as well allowing the group to bring in a replacement.

Involuntary Taha 5 man

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