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If this game makes it to patch 9.0 or makes it to patch 9.0 in NA

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I got some ideas. Crazy ones. I see Aion shutting down its NA servers within the next two years, but if somehow we make it to 9.0 or if their is a 9.0 patch in the future and Aion 2 doesn't go PC and stays mobile and dies, here are some things I would put in the game. Feel free to add your own ideas

1. New faction 

2. Unique faction skills,  x1 skill per faction, or maybe x2. Unique meaning the other 2 factions won't have this skill.  The unique skills can be used PVE or PVP.  

3. Bring back Tiamantras eye...... This is a dead game, both live and classic server. Tiamantra's eye would be perfect for a dead game in terms of pvp because it's a smaller area and chances to combat the other faction or factions if they add a 3rd one would increase. A big open world should have been a thing back in the rifting days of aion before fast track 3.6 killed it. Actually it was, but things have changed, the game has gotten smalls, groups are smaller, LFG is non existent, well throw some good rewards in the eye and have it accessible to enter 24/7. Don't make it a rift or spawn timer and have it be the premiere end game pvp.

Ok that is all, I just feel these things would definitely increase interest in older players.  I know none of these changes will probably occur or be made, I just wanted to get these thoughts out there. 

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Won't let me edit up there, but the bad thing about adding a new faction is if it isn't a success or draw players, then it would make the game die even quicker cause then 3 factions would maybe have 50 players playing the game lol. It would separate more, so maybe adding a new faction is a bad idea, but  unique factions skills would be cool

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Hey just did for thought... people keep saying aion is going to shut down... there's no real evidence to this other then low server population,  either way Korean servers and EU servers are massive... personally I don't think Aion is going anywhere anytime soon and I think any real word about it from NCSOFT would be great but they seem to act like there is nothing wrong with the games population... just kind of how I feel...

That's supposed to say "Hey just food for thought..."...sorry typo

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