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The source of all of Aion Classic's Problems


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It wasn't free to play.

They couldn't be happy with hundreds of thousands of dollars of whale money selling candies and other CS stuff. They had to put a "not" mandatory paywall on it to squeeze out another 30-40k a month. Even if you have a cash shop, only a very small number of players will make use of it, and they only make use of it as long as there is a population of less-wealthy players willing to buy those quna items with kinah. You just can't provide a large enough population to a 15 year old failed-wow-killer in a subscription environment.

Much like how a specialty physician needs a certain population to support their services, whales need a certain population to support their quna item selling, and without enough peasants in need of quna items, the whales are starving and looking elsewhere for food.

Aion classic sprinted out of the gates only  to fall and break both legs after only a week. Since then it's been crawling and bleeding out.  I'm amazed we had a year's worth of blood in us.

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Wonder if there's going to be a rug pull - they put a bunch of gear and pay to win stuff like manastones and enchants in the shop, cash in and then shut it down a month later lol.

I just can't see this lasting that much longer, surely. Watch out for it I guess.

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