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A plead for help


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NCSoft, you have literally hundreds of comments/threads combined telling you all people are really crying for to fix the server is drop rates to come back.

I literally can't stomach seeing this game die, it is so much of my childhood and I want so badly for the server to succeed for the players and the devs. You have such a committed playerbase to stomach what we've been through for so long out of pure love for this game, and if you would listen to even a grain of feedback we might have a chance at pulling through. I don't want to return to dogshit lost ark, black desert, WoW, or whatever other MMO. All of these have p2w cash shops, I don't care if its in Aion, the only difference is f2p players can actually grind for money and feel a sense of progression, all you've done is locked us into swipe or quit.

A MMO requires f2p and p2w players to survive like an ecosystem, you NEED to cater to f2p players or your whales are gonna leave soon.


Please fix the drop rate and save the game, go ahead and add manastones or stigmas or whatever into the cash shop after, just let us have a chance to get this stuff on our own time to time. We dont need buffed instance drop rates when theres no players left to run instances.


Sincerely, my nostalgic memories of 12 years and counting with Aion

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I feel your pain here but you already know the answer. It's the same answer we have had for over a decade. It's not changing now, or ever. For the small player base that's left I think it's one of those boiling frog scenarios really. By the time they realise it's hot, they've already put too much time in and can't pluck up the motivation to leave.

We all love/loved this game at one point but it's not that game anymore bro. You can't get that magic back, you cannot go back to your childhood. Don't forsake your present for your past. Don't be the person that in 10 years from now looks back at this time with regret. Life is finite.

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That ship sailed a long time ago. Remember when everyone complained about candies at launch and left? The people who stayed said it didn't matter and they were wrong. It's been a slow pay to win creep, just like retail.

I doubt this will kill the game. They broke forts for many months and it's still here. It just never thrived like it should have.

It's unreal that a game with a community so loyal has been mismanaged so badly that people would rather play on private servers.

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There is just zero motivation too stay and support this game anymore.They were warned before 2.0 dont nerf our droprates like korea.So they ignored us and did it anyways.

No godstones unless you pay ridiculous prices,no items to De, sell for kinah.And manastones lol only the whales are prepared to pay 900k for a single attack stone and then watch it explode.

I mean really how many chances should a company be given before players mass exit,we have been polite and patient but now its just getting ridiculous their is zero respect from this company towards paying customers.

Being made to pay for our own stigmas which should be in openworld drops was the last straw for a lot of people,coupled with no fixes at all.

Every single thread is ignored by producers and gms its obvious they are happy to let the game tank any half decent publisher would of fixed issues ages ago.

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