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Bring back Tiamantra's eye.


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I just made a comment on a thread about merging due to low population.  I made a suggestion why not bring back Tiamanta's Eye? Maybe for 8.5 or something, definitely before 9.0 IF THE GAME IS still here, well for NA at least.

No faction lockouts or anything like that, bring the eye back as the central and premiere pvp area for endgame. New rewards like legendary and S rank minion rewards for long hour grinding sessions/pvp encounters. (The low population needs a smaller map, not a large one like Apsaranta is) the eye is perfect and nostalgic and can be improved honestly. Update the mobs to level 85... Can be in the zone all day, no need for a hourglass or anything.   Hell, let's go further than that, just remove Sanctum and Panda at this point, you killed those places (I'd rework them and put end game content in both areas) but let's remove them and put NPC's at the eye entrance as a neutral zone for both elyos and asmos. That means the big water slide for 4th of july and all this stuff, throw events there at this area with every NPC for anything, crucible, anything. You can teleport to this neutral zone from your eye corridor before you jump down into the pvp zone. This can be a good get together area and stuff and really make the eye interesting and fun. Just put the neutral zone in the middle up into the sky so no one can reach it but if you drop down from it, you are screwed lol. 


Anyhow, please bring back the eye, I miss it tho as much as it was frustrating..

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