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Noob SM Need additional help

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Which pet are you using?  Iunno if I remember correctly at level40 using pet skills + Erosion + Cyclone would kill a unit, tab Summon Servant, erosion, vacuum, backdraft would be another unit.  If I killed too fast then next unit I'd use Scour ch.3 erosion vacuum instead of pet, then rotate back to pet set.  Rinse and repeat.

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If you expect to kill a mob in one shot then being an SM wont be fun for you. SM is more like a killing me softly (though not really) type of class. It includes placing numerous debuffs. But for lowbies remember to always attack using your pet first. I recommend using fire as it levels up first compared to other elements. And use your pet skills it might not seem but it does a ton of damage. I recommend making a customized chain skill for all your offensive pet skill then doing it in one round. After casting all your pet skill use your DOTS (Damage over time skills) these are erosion, cyclone wrath, and servants. Avoid using bomb skills (stone scourge) if the health bar of the mob is high or youll get agro. 


And ill add this for new SMs out there. When using fear (single target) use chain of earth after landing fear to root the target. For AOE Fear (Fear Shriek, Multiple Target) use blade of earth after successful casting. Remember to use then AFTER fear or the debuff will end first than fear and youll just agro every mob in the room.


Hope this helps. ;)

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If your in a instance just try not to Agro the entire room and dispell boss if your Soloing Pve quest just dot dot root Debuff and high dps skill like stone scour and even at lvl 40 this comvo should kill all mobs u are attacking...if not just use instant fear next then repeat lol Sm Op 

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SM was my main from just after beta (too many sorcs lol) for a lot of years. I stopped playing for awhile and recently came back and I an using my SM again as a (I don't know) 2nd toon?


Anyhow the key to PvE is your DP pet skill "armor of light/darkness" - use a jelly if you want to fast track it and fire spirit is the best dps/tanky type (wind isn't bad either) - Later when you can add the "armor spirit" stigma on top of the first buff it become a killing machine. At lvl 40 I was wiping out tigrakis etc by the dozen.

Just heal the spirit with you HP and pot for yourself until you get heal skills. You can also be killing your own mobs while the spirit is taking down another. SM played right is a great farming machine. Unfortunately I don't think the old tricks of elite kiting etc pay off for XP anymore- most low lvl elites were replaced with normal mobs like storm circle etc. I used to solo farm Fire Temple also but you are lvl 40 now

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