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Spiritmaster Spirits

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Depends on the situation mostly - each spirit does a different thing, and that skill can be applicable to PVE or PVP.

Usually, for me - I stick to using the Earth Spirit and Wind Spirit for PVP. Depends if I have the stigma Spirit Wall in, then if I do, I use the Fire Spirit. Earth Spirit is great for tanking - as well as the personal BG of the SM during PVP...Earth Spirit is interchangable between PVP and PVE. Water Spirit is practically useless in PVP, use it PVE for DPS. Same with the Fire Spirit. Wind Spirit is great for PVP because it can stun your opponent. ^.^ Earth Spirit is the tankiest. Lava Spirit is useless in PVP, so it's a PVE spirit. 

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Just to add one thing, since I'd agree with Djali - if asmo, then you get the best spirit for PVP by far, magma pet (your DP pet). (The Elyos equivalent is used in PVE, and even then has issues with bosses)

Also, water spirit can be handy in PVE in ranged DPS, otherwise it's way too fragile.

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look at the pet like you would look at the classes

earth pet : templar , more hp , more def  and whatnot

fire pet : gladiator , dps and tanky , can lower phy def

wind pet : assasin , faster and can stun

water pet : sorcerer , nuke from afar

now Magma pet is a mix of earth and fire , the Tempest is water and wind.

for soloing u will use fire mostly because its tanky enough and can dish out some dps , plus u get fire pets 1 (and get ranks sooner)

hard time soloing something? earth pet , enmity swap (stigma) and u will have a personal and durable tank , in dungeons is better to use Water since its ranged and can avoid cleave dmg,  it will get one shoted from time to time tho , summon alacrity and done :P

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In the later instances you will be using Earth mostly due to many of our spells that we will use most frequently is Earth (and Earth spirit reduces their Earth Ele Res) and it can actually live long enough to do something if you can manage them well.  Wind is best used in open world as it's fast and you don't have to worry about it dying (bonus for open world encounters  as it can chase down people along with stun).  Use Fire if you have Phys classes for SWoP and PDef reduction.  I rarely ever use water except for DR/IDR and that's only during Event drops.


Lastly I only ever use Lava when I'm soloing content like against Mordor or something.  Otherwise it's better off to use DP on Earth and have DP ready for Curse Cloud or something.  It's just frustrating to have the pet bug out and you have to resummon lol. 

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