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Here is how you make sieging more interesting from now on


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Well, as we all know, the number of players is dwingling, and this patch is boring. All we go is dailies for medals,  dodge all pvp instances by scouting for pugs/empty instances, and never defend forts because there is no reward. As a result there is no really any confrontation.

What could make this patch better is:

When a faction first conquer a fort, there should be in the first defense twice as much reward for both factions. This way both are interested in defending at least once.

After that, there should be a second defense in which there is no reward like it is right now.

Then in the third it becomes balaur.

Also, the dredge commander should be actually killable like it was in 4.0 days. This way, one faction or other could steal it from balaur, and also it could put a block on the stronger faction, because they would be killing the commander instead of the opposite faction.

Thanks for listening. 

I hope this all is in place by next week.



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