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Lower Abyss Fortress Guards (level 40) Monster Stats

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Check it out here!

Tested with my level 38 Cleric with leather armor, a level 26 bronze coin staff, and lots of concentration. Together with manual chat log analysis + MyAion DPS meter

Stat measurements are done on Asmodian Sulfur fortress guards - Siel East/West and Elyos/Balaur expected to have some stats, but not tested

Non-elite guards give maximum AP from 9th Kyu (white belt) to 6th Kyu (yellow belt + green stripe), from 5th Kyu onwards AP goes down by 5% per rank above 6th Kyu

Elite guards appear to have very high Abyss rank as they give same amount of AP whether you are 9th kyu or 3rd kyu (blue belt) (but haven't tested beyond that), but the elites are not worth farming for AP

Do the level 50 and 55 Abyss fortress guards have higher base AP than these level 40 guards?

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