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Connection Issues?


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10 hours ago, Exmil-DN said:

Anyone else having problems the last 2 days,  game will load but my char won't be visible, porting from Igg to Aspa hangs forever then dc's.  Just curious if it's server or my issue.



I've had that for months, and it has gotten so bad that i cant really play without ping reducer anymore(before i had 150-200ms, recent months its going from 400 to infinity). it will get worse after every maintenance, where for 5-6 hours it would be unable to even login, a couple of times was so bad that the game just never really loaded all my skill bars so next time i logged in i had to remake all my quick slots. Not sure what the issue is, maybe routing, or they are cheaping out on the hosting getting a lower grade service.

But yeah same symptoms, if i manage to log into gelk i might be fine for a while, but if i tried to go into any battleground map, it will get stuck in a loop on the loading screen, before eventually just closing the game, and not being able to even log for a long time after.


So yeah, ive been forced to use ping reducer for the past 5-6 months. Before i would get 150-200ms without, which would be normal for me.

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