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When will they bring back the event to get the solar, lunar and meteor weapons.?


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Because they have forgotten to place these good events. where people play, do quests and the economy of the game improves. Players have to enter the world of Aion to try to get these weapons. Now we need Events with good rewards where people have to play for Real. not being AFK killing mods... I hope more characters can comment and support so they could bring more GOOD events

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you can also p2w for them with the event is going on right now


On 8/22/2022 at 7:47 PM, ErzaScarletxFT said:

You can get those Weapons now getting the new coins from the new Arenas Pvp.

Tried to que for chaos arena and took almost 40 minutes to pop... considering this trying to get all three weapons seems like a long time

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