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Old Player. Is it worth to comeback?


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Hi there, I played Aion for several years, and i was trying to find some MMORPG to play, so i wanted to come here first to get some feedback and comments about the game status right now, i haven't play in 2-3 years ETA. What i care the most is about P2W limits, i still remember when we pass from untradable gear to tradable, and those ones can break if enchant failed, and that infinite enchant items, it was a horrible time for me, I'm not expecting a 100% free of P2W game, but if the people can eventually get by farming what others purchased it's OK for me.

I hope people can give me some opinions and advices. I'm Cleric main btw. Thanks ;) 

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I…..remember you…..never saw you in-game but I recall your name on the forums.

I regret to inform you that P2W is at its highest right now, there are so many obnoxious systems that the game is simply a mess….and know that every one of them is not only paywalled but also under several layers of RNG.

Also….population is so low right now that you’ll end up asking yourself…why botter?

If you are here to get your fill of nostalgia then..…Welcome back! But if you are here to actually try to be competitive…..you are gonna have a bad time.

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